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Красный кристалл / Red Crystal — starting out from a scale beyond the usual definitions of a traditional urban block. Zooming out to reach a starting point for a top-down procedure, the urban structure as well as the formative design for the user undergo a change. Keyword discussions were oscillating around the development of dynamic buoyancy, torque, pressure-type or compression...a pealing out of the urban pattern with its already inherent connections leads to a continuous verticalspinning  and thus a flushing over the Sky Square. Hence a relocation and giving-back to the user strategy is created. The Red Chrystal is thus framed by the city and functions at the same time as a large scale popover-effect wherein the design is ambassador between both — the in- and the outsider of the megastructure.

location. Izhewsk (RU)

programm. Super Block 

size. 4.7t sqm groceries, 40.6t sqm retail trade, 4.5t sqm cinema, 12.8t sqm office, 40t sqm parking, 2t sqm restaurant + sky square

team. Sebastian Kriegsmann (Projektleiter) für ABOA Architekten GmbH mit Jens Knobloch